Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What it's all about

Have you ever noticed snippets of time or moments of events unfold and wondered, "Whose life is that?!" I have had several of these moments lately and the truth is: it’s my life, dammit. I have been living in Indiana since November 2005 under semi-traumatic circumstances and strangely/luckily, wonderful and amazing things have happened to keep me here. In the past few weeks, I have heard myself say things such as, "Oh, the red-winged blackbird is back – Spring is here!" and "I totally saw turkey vultures mating on top of an old barn today." Who is this person?!?!?!?! Well, y’all: ‘tis I. My farm-boy (one of the main reasons I have stayed here) has informed me that I am becoming more Hoosier every day. While this may come across as satirical and tongue-in-cheek (and it may be at times) I want to use this blog to chronicle my evolution into a Hoosier. I have become much more ecologically- and self-sufficiency-minded since living here and while I lament that my friends don’t seem interested in coming to visit me out in rural, northcentral Indiana, I appreciate the really cool things I have done and learned and am planning to try even more.

I have to thank both my everlovin’ (the farm-boy) for suggesting I do a blog about this very concept, and my dear friend Kathleen who has been a sublime inspiration to me through her own blog and told me just today that perhaps I should go for it. (I follow Kathleen’s blog – just a small town girl – here. Take a look!!) Earth Day seems like the perfect inaugural posting, anyway!

I lived in St. Louis for a couple years, which I might or might not talk about (it was not pretty) and people in St. Louis use the word "hoosier" as an insult. I endeavor to triumph over this insult, stand tall (or as tall as my short self can be) and embrace & nurture the Hoosier I am becoming. I am.