Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freezing in the Summer

Ryan's mom and step-dad Gene have an amazing garden this year. Ryan and I chalk that up to their use of compost, to which we often contribute. Whatever the reasons for their success, we luckily reap the benefits. Recently, Ryan and his mom picked a bunch of green beans out of the garden. I froze some last year, sans blanching, and was told that was not a good idea.  This year, I resolved to correctly engage in the bean-freezing process. Join me for the photo montage, will you...?

After washing, we removed the ends and stems.
Ryan is a snapper. I am a knife-wielder. 

Hot water blanch for 3 minutes.

Ice water blanch for three minutes.

Dry, place in freezer bags (I would love to know of any non-plastic alternatives to this!), remove all air and into the freezer you go!

This winter, perhaps we will be able to enjoy the spoils of a summer garden - complete with properly blanched green beans!

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