Thursday, May 14, 2009

Country Friendly

2496 E CR 125 N...

Just a few years ago, this combination of letters and numbers completely threw me. It seemed strange. A modified GPS configuration? Jargon? Actually, maybe a bit of both. The above is actually an address - they way addresses are written in the country roads of rural, northcentral Indiana. Allow me to translate: 2469 East County Road 125 North. The actual road is County Road 125 North. The address is 2496 East.

I have the unique opportunity of working out in the country. In the middle of farmland.

[The barn - it shares the parking lot with my office]

This entails a lot of flora and fauna - which can be beautiful both right out my office window and on the drive over.

[Lilac tree right out the front door of my office - it smells divine walking into work!]

[One of my favorite views driving to work...]

Driving on backcountry roads took some getting used to. I share the road with tractors and birds...

[A turkey vulture! One of five that I actually caught on camera.]

 well as the deer (my biggest fear is too much "sharing" with these creatures!) and having little room for two vehicles passing each other on opposite sides. However, what is peculiar about passing other vehicles on country roads is what my everlovin' informed me as being country friendly. Whether you know them, see them regularly, recognize them or not, the folks driving country roads almost always wave a friendly hello to each other. At first I thought this was just something farm or country folks did - until I tried it myself. I admit I had to practice. You have to get the 'wave' right or sometimes it won't work. But when it does -- I essentially feel that the world itself is wishing me a good day. I can't help but smile when everyone I pass appears genuinely happy to see me.

Another thing I have noticed about driving in small-town Indiana is that there are a ton of four-way stops. This does not bother me, but rather fascinates me due to the friendliness with which people approach the courtesy of allowing others to go first. I have been given the "go-ahead" nod or wave several times at a four-way stop. As a former city-dweller who has handled her share of traffic, this was bizarre behavior. But it is so nice! One of my 2009 resolutions was to try to be the first person to wave on another at a four-way stop. It's tough - because most everyone at least seems to be trying to be first as well. It is small, and maybe silly, but every time I get to let another person go first at the stop, I feel really pleased -- like I've let a little joy into the world.

On the agenda this upcoming Sunday is going to our undisclosed, secret morel hunting location. It has been both rainy and warm - perfect conditions for those fun guys. Pictures will be forthcoming.

P.S. - This blog has been brought to you by my new-to-me iBook G4. Oh my goodness how I enjoy it!

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  1. Soo many things to say! First of all, I didn't see the updates that you've blogged a whole 2 more times. WTF?! Love it! Second, Dawson?! Girl, you got some explaining to do! I spent Sat night at the Marriott and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Wish you were there...! That address is wacky and totally confuses me... Your parking lot at work is next to a barn? I think I'm going to need more pictures! YOU GOT A LAPTOP??? Hooray! Last, but not least, I gave your blog an award in my latest post... Check it!